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Exchange-Traded Funds can be useful tools for investors seeking to participate in specific and, targeted economic opportunities. Often, these are referred to as “themes”, which may be based in advancements such as technology or they can be solution driven—solutions investors seek to combat particular market conditions, like inflation. While ETFs that target themes generally tend to be concentrated portfolios, their addition to a portfolio is intended to add value not only from a return perspective, but to also aid with diversification and overall risk.

Investors who are considering using ETFs within their portfolios to target particular themes should first do their due diligence. It is important to understand the key attributes of the strategy you’re considering; like index rules or the investment methodology, purity of exposure to a theme and also the potential longevity of a theme.

VanEck has purpose-built a variety of ETFs for accessing timely and relevant trends shaping the modern investment landscape. See the table illustrated in the below.

VanEck ETFs That Provide Thematic Accessibility

Originally published by VanEck, 6/11/21


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