ASYMmetric ETFs Introduces Disruptive Risk Management Tool, 'ASPY'

On Wednesday, ASYMmetric ETFs, LLC enters the ETF market with the launch of the ASYMshares ASYMmetric 500 ETF (NYSE: ASPY), an innovative turn-key investment solution designed with the potential to generate positive returns across bear and bull markets. 

“We’re bringing disruptive risk management tools and making them available to the market for the first time,”  says Darren R. Schuringa, CEO and Founder of ASYMmetric ETFs.

ASPY seeks to track the total return performance, before fees and expenses, of the ASYMmetric 500 Index. Powered by ASYMmetric Risk Management Technology, the Index is a rules-based, quantitative long/short hedging strategy that seeks to protect against bear market losses and capture the majority of bull market gains. ASYMmetric already integrates its proprietary technology into the SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust (SPY) to transform it into a low-volatility, uncorrelated, and asymmetric investment option. 

“What makes ASYMmetric ETFs unique is its wealth creation through capital preservation,” Schuringa adds. “That’s just a different message than what retail investors or advisors are hearing today.”

Schuringa continues: “For decades, institutional investors have had a leg up when it comes to access to next-generation investment solutions. Our goal is to level the playing field for retail investors by delivering well researched, tech-enabled ETF strategies to help investors mitigate risk and improve returns across their portfolio.”

Risk-On, Risk-Off

ASYMmetric Risk Management Technology uses propriety, price-based algorithms to dynamically manage net exposure in three market risk environments: Risk-Off, Risk-Elevated, and Risk-On. The current risk environment is determined using ASYMmetric’s Price Momentum  Indicator and Price Volatility Indicator, tools which seek to identify market trends and accurately measure market volatility effectively.  

“We are bringing 1% solutions to the 99%. That’s an important part of our mission. We look at the tools that retail investors and advisors have today — stocks and bonds, which are relatively antiquated when you look at the tools that institutional investors have access to. So, our objective at ASYMmetric ETFs is to level the playing field; to provide retail investors with similarly sophisticated solutions, ASYMmetric ETFs returns solutions that they can add to their portfolio.”

ASYMmetric ETFs combines Schuringa’s extensive experience in the ETF and hedge fund industries. Before founding ASYMmetric ETFs, he launched and grew two successful ETF businesses: Exchange Traded Concepts (ETC) and Yorkville ETF Advisors.  

“Ultimately, what we’re doing in the role we’re playing in the marketplace today, is that we’re offering portfolio optimization solutions. So, when you add ASYMmetric ETFs to your portfolio, what you expect is that it will lower the risk and improve the performance of a diversified portfolio.”

“We’re excited to introduce ASPY into the market and look forward to helping investors successfully navigate the challenges and risk of today’s equity markets,” he concludes. 

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