Consequently, as we prepare for the rest of the year, investors should consider the various risks that could crop up and look for ways to hedge against the unknown, especially with U.S. equities looking pricey in an extended bull market.

Many have turned to gold-related ETFs, like GLD, as a quick and easy way to hedge against market risks with a hard asset that could better withstand the pressures. The ETF has been a go-to option for large traders, hedge funds and institutional investors seeking to capitalize on its large pool of liquidity and tight bid-ask spreads.

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GLD holds gold bullion, which is kept in the form of London Good Delivery bars (400 oz.) and held by the custodian (HSBC Bank USA) in its London vaults. Some of the gold may also be held in the vaults of sub-custodians.

The ETF currently holds 862.6 metric tons or 27.7 million ounces of gold bullion in the trust, with a notional value of $35.6 billion.

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