An Active ETF to Access Diversified Liquid Alternatives

Regents Park Funds is the latest ETF entrant to hit the field, partnering with Anfield Capital and launching a new actively managed liquid alternative.

On Friday, Regents Park Funds rolled out the Anfield Capital Diversified Alternatives ETF (BATS: DALT). DALT has a 1.30% expense ratio.

Peter Van de Zilver and David Young of Anfield Capital will serve as the portfolio managers of the Anfield ETF.

“With the Diversified Alternatives ETF, Regents Park Funds seeks to provide capital growth and income with positive return over full market cycles. The Fund invests in a broad spectrum of asset classes. The portfolio management team makes tactical adjustment with the goal of reducing risk and increasing returns,” according to Regents Park Funds.

The new active ETF will try to provide capital growth and income by investing in alternative asset classes and securities that represent sectors, market segments or asset classes that do not represent the general investment universe, according to a prospectus sheet.

DALT will act like a fund-of-funds, investing in unaffiliated ETFs, closed-end funds, business development companies and real estate investment trusts. The ETF’s exposure will largely include areas that typically exhibit a lower correlation to the general equity and fixed-income markets.