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When it comes to real estate, location and property type matter, but some ETFs don’t readily focus on those issues. Conversely, Vident Financial’s U.S. Diversified Real Estate ETF (NYSE Arca: PPTY) makes a point of emphasizing characteristics, such as leverage, location and property type.

Due to its indexing methodology, PPTY has a greater tilt toward potential growth segments like residential and industrial real estate, whereas traditional market-cap indices favors the retail segment, which has come under greater stress due to changing consumer habits.

“You wouldn’t buy a house or a commercial property without considering location, property type, and leverage, and you should be wary of a fund that ignores these common sense factors,” said Fred Stoops, Head of Real Estate Investments at Vident Financial, in a recent note.

Stoops adds that approximately 99% of assets in REIT funds, approximately $60 billion, are in cap-weighted approaches, a strategy that ignores these fundamentals.

Perusing PPTY

PPTY’s portfolio is constructed based on the actual properties held by each company in the investment universe. The smart beta index-based ETF screens for four primary factors when investing in real estate, including location, property type, leverage, and governance.

Location can affect the value of a property and is a key driver of real estate performance. Stable targets are used to diversify geographic exposure while favoring dynamic, high-growth locations.

Property type is based on the fact that differences between property types matter, so fixed allocations seek to ensure diversification and balance. A traditional market-cap weighted indexing methodology focuses on retail, followed by communication, whereas PPTY’s more balanced approach takes an overweight position to residential, office space and industrial REITs.

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“Real estate isn’t homogenous, so it matters if you are investing, for example, in a retail property or industrial building and if you are investing it in Los Angeles or New York. No sensible real estate investor is location- and property-type agnostic,” said Stoops.

PPTY is up 26.34% year-to-date, beating the largest domestic REIT ETF by 170 basis points. The Vident fund yields 3.14%.

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