The Alternatives Symposium is Tomorrow

As the year comes to a close and economic indicators look troubling, investors need to wrap their heads around alternatives. VettaFi will be hosting an Alternatives Symposium tomorrow at 11 a.m. ET.

With both bonds and stocks getting slammed in 2022, alternatives offered savvy investors a lifeline. Today’s market is vexing. Consumer sentiment continues to erode and the cost of living remains elevated for many. With uncertainty everywhere, having a lifeline is critical.

Alternatives Symposium to Cover a Wide Ground

There are many alternatives that can help portfolios stay afloat should the troubling economic indicators prove prescient. Accordingly, finding the tool that best suits your clients’ needs is paramount.

A host of topics are slated for coverage by experts and thought leaders. The topic currently getting all the attention is crypto, which appears to be making a comeback. “There is increasing likelihood that a spot bitcoin ETF comes to market in the U.S. in early 2024,” said VettaFi Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth. “We will be talking to industry experts from Bitwise, Galaxy, Grayscale, and ProShares on what this could mean for advisors and the future of the alternative investment.”

Additional Topics

The symposium will also take deep looks at commodities, private equity, CLOs, and precious metals. Additionally, the symposium plans to explore managed futures, which had tremendous performance in 2022.

Of course, no alternatives symposium would be complete without looking at real estate. No sector of the economy was more disrupted by the pandemic than real estate. With high mortgages still top of mind yet home prices remaining strong, the real estate market is full of unusual challenges and opportunities.

Registration for the symposium is free, but skipping it could prove quite costly.

Register for the Alternatives Symposium here.

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