Advisors Asset Management Launches Disruptive Technology Themed ETF

Advisors Asset Management announced on Tuesday the launch of the AAM Transformers ETF (NYSE Arca: TRFM), AAM’s first thematic ETF.

TRFM seeks to track the investment results of the Pence Transformers Index, a rules-based methodology that aims to target companies whose products and services show compelling potential to transform consumer behavior, technological innovation, and the global economy. The fund targets companies that have the proven ability to develop transformative technologies.

Portfolio companies are specifically screened for spending towards research and development. R&D spending is a vital factor for a company striving to adapt and innovate for the future. TRFM also screens for companies that are expected to sustain stronger sales and capex growth relative to their respective industries.

“While new technologies are being introduced all the time, not all of them will be disruptive. It takes a specific investment approach and process to identify companies that have the potential to be disruptive,” said Lance McGray, managing director and head of ETF product at AAM, in a news release announcing the fund launch. “We feel that TRFM’s distinct investment process, paired with the low-cost, tax-efficient ETF wrapper, may be a great solution for growth seeking investors.”

TRFM is AAM’s sixth installment to its ETF suite, which has grown nearly 55% year-to-date. As a firm, AAM has provided financial professionals with sound investment solutions for over 40 years. For additional information on AAM’s ETF solutions, visit

AAM has over 250 employees across 11 offices and oversees more than $44 billion in assets as of March 31.

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