Apple (AAPL) could be the first company to reach a $1 trillion market cap, with some investors thinking the unprecedented feat could be achieved within the next few weeks or months.

Today, Apple sits at a market cap of $945 billion, ranking it the top company by market capitalization. With a ~10% increase in share price, Apple could surpass the $1 trillion threshold.

Fortune Magazine Executive Editor Adam Lashinsky appeared on Fox Business Network on Tuesday to share his outlook for the tech company.

“It could happen any time… if the market decides they like Apple in the next week, it could happen,” Lashinsky said.

With rumors of three new iPhone models, an updated Apple Watch, and improved AirPods, Apple seems to have an arsenal of new products slated to launch before the end of the year. With these upcoming releases, the question is not if, but rather when Apple will reach a $1 trillion market cap.

Watch the video below to learn more about Apple’s market cap possibilities:

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