Semiconductors Showing Buy Opportunities

IHT Wealth Management President Steve Dudash met with Fox Business to discuss why he believes the U.S.-China trade wars will eventually subside and whether people should invest in the semiconductor sector.

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Points discussed with Dudash:

  • The reality is that the trade wars is simply a matter of posturing by political figureheads and that the whole situation will simply “blow over”
  • Some sectors are getting hammered for no reason by trade concern news–presents buying opportunities
  • Sectors that have good deals–the semiconductor industry–down 17 percent year-to-date unnecessarily
  • Technology sector will continue to thrive, especially the semiconductor industry
  • Taking advantage of investment opportunities where logic doesn’t make sense when looking at price versus fundamentals
  • In the next five years, technology sector will continue to grow

To watch the full video, click below:

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