Meet Axpire, Blockchain Based Management

There’s a new blockchain based management company in the crypto-hood, meet Axpire,  a cloud-based enterprise resource planning company.

Meet Axpire, Blockchain Based Management – What does aXpire do?

We broadly help companies use data more efficiently, and turn Paper, PDF and Spreadsheet (PPS) processes into digitized workflows. We offer a spend management solution, Resolvr, and are expanding our solution set to include procurement, or ways to obtain services online, through a second product called MatchBX.

Resolvr lets businesses manage spend and conduct RFPs for high-cost, ongoing services, and MatchBX lets businesses tap into the freelance market / gig economy with a no fee model. MatchBX also facilitates P2P exchange of services using AXP, our native cryptocurrency token.

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How exactly does the aXpire solution leverage blockchain technology?

Users pay for the blockchain-enabled version of Resolvr and MatchBX in AXP, our native cryptocurrency token, which creates a transaction record in the blockchain. This allows us to autonomously track transactions, which is helpful in spend management and any company that could benefit from tracking spend – all of them.

The biggest issue companies face in data management tends to be the lack thereof, or the lack of ability to interpret what is available in a way that proactively influences decisions rather than retroactively providing analysis.

Blockchain technology will not necessarily change the front end of applications, but it does provide powerful back end enhancements to facilitate proactive decision making. For example, as AXP transfers are completed to pay invoices, information about invoice approval and denial is fed into a database that aggregates these results.