Kevin O’leary: Look to These Stocks to Outperform the Market This Year

The capital markets flexed their volatility muscles near the end of 2018 as most stocks were washed through a cycle of severe price swings. These types of volatile fluctuations in the market would certainly unnerve most investors, but “Shark Tank” television personality Kevin O’Leary reminds everyone to think of it as just another day in the market.

“When you see a violent day when the stocks go down 5 or 6 percent, get over it, it’s normal,” said O’Leary. “In fact, not having volatility is not normal.”

In fact, in the current economic landscape, volatility has been the new normal. Investors who have grown accustomed to the steady returns seen during the thick of the extended bull market now have to adjust to this normalcy.

“We’ve been in a period of three years where there hasn’t been a lot of volatility,” O’Leary reminded investors. “So get used to these swings.”