How the Best Financial Advisors Use Prospecting

Daniel Collison, a financial advisor coach, discussed how the best financial advisors in the industry prospect for new clients to build their businesses.

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Notable points discussed in the interview:

  • How prospecting for clients has changed over the years
  • Competition is fiercer nowadays and cold-approaching is not done as often as it used to
  • Advisors must leverage technology for their benefit in prospecting
  • Building an ideal client profile and focusing on best clients
  • Getting referrals from a variety of sources
  • Use social media to your benefit–connect professionals with other professionals using LinkedIn
  • Put process-driven effort in building a social media profile
  • Top advisors have one thing in common: being process-oriented
    • Select target market
    • Select nominators
    • Select introduction method and tools
    • Set goals and keep ratios
    • Monitor and evaluate

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