High Probability Strategies For Investment Analysis

High probability strategies can be employed by investors willing to do the investment analysis and who have the patience to wait for their rewards.

We live in a world of instant gratification where we take short cuts that promise quick wealth. The vast majority of investors end up with investment returns that are far below average.

If you are interested in the thrill of big losses and big wins then you should probably stop reading this blog and consider the kind of gambling you desire. However, if you are interested in building wealth with a prudent high probability approach, then read on.

Develop Patience

Most investors experience a behavior gap. In other words they do much worse than the market averages because of behavior that usually involves short term emotions. This is because they don’t develop patience and the discipline to stay focused on value.

Patience is a virtue that will allow you to greatly reduce your investment mistakes. The key to investing is to only invest when the odds are heavily in your favor. This means your investment analysis needs to be focused on strategies that are long term value oriented rather than focusing on instant gratification.

Investment Analysis for Individual Investments

Margin of safety means purchasing investments for less than their real worth. Markets mis-price securities both above and below their true worth. Many times the mis-pricing is almost universal. In other words, sometimes an entire asset class is mis-priced.

If the asset class is overvalued it can take a great deal of patience to wait. If the asset class is undervalued you should take considerable care in picking those individual assets that are most undervalued and therefore provide the largest margin of safety.

Quality Investments / Dividends

Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, found the biggest risk of buying bargains was purchasing low quality stocks or value traps. He contended that finding quality investments was the key to successful bargain hunting.

Quality Investing means finding companies with good management, stock balance sheets, an economic moat, consistent dividends, stable earnings, efficiently operated, and in the right time of its enterprise life cycle.

Sustainable Competitive Advantages

In order for companies to prosper in the global market they must have sustainable competitive advantages. Companies which have unique advantages are able to fend off competitors and provide above average rates of return on capital.