Create the Moments that Change Your Finances

If you examine your recent past, you’ll discover “moments” in your financial life where things happened. Stuff got done. You hit inflection points. These are the moments where you crossed a threshold or overcame a hurdle.

These “moments” are the points that truly make a difference in life. Any time you make a decision and choose a path, stuff happens. Actions have consequences.

The strange thing about these “moments” is that few people try to create them. Instead, many people are reactive to life events.

“I had a kid, so I started saving money for college.”

“After five years of practice, I realized I needed to start saving for retirement if I didn’t want to work forever.”

If you feel like you’re plateauing on financial progress, maybe it’s time to start being proactive? It’s easy to continue with the status quo, to bury our heads in the same and to shield ourselves from the risk and pain required for growth.

Finding a new job to increase your income is uncomfortable.

Spending less money is uncomfortable.

But think back to the last “peak” experience you had when something changed? What decision do you make that led to tangible results in your financial life today?

The strange thing is that most people already know what they need to be doing. Like losing weight, personal financial decisions are usually obvious.

But there’s an old proverb “To know and not to act, is not to know.”

Let that sink in for a second.

If you know what you need to do but aren’t doing it, then do you know what you need to do?

If you do know what to do, then why not start creating “moments” for yourself?