Are You Making These 4 Financial Mistakes?

Finances are one of those thing that everyone wants to be better at handling, and it’s often the one thing couples fight about the most or the thing that causes you the most personal stress.

While everyone’s financial situation and financial needs are different, there are certain mistakes everyone makes that can be negatively impacting your money. Instead of being a part of this statistic, it’s instead important for you to know what these mistakes are and do your best to fix them before they cause you even more trouble. Are you making any of these four mistakes when it comes to your finances?

Mistake #1: Not saving.

According to a recent study by CNBC, 49% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck, which means they are lacking an efficient savings account that could help when an emergency strikes. Sure, it’s often hard to leave the paycheck to paycheck cycle, and sometimes saving money can be hard if you don’t seem to be making enough to make ends meet, but even a small savings can help in the long run. Plus, there are different ways to save:

Take advantage of 401K or other pre-tax savings and match programs from your employer.

Use apps like Digit or Acorns to round up your purchases and put the extra change into a savings account or an investment.

Put certain monetary amounts into a jar, such as every dime you receive or every $5 bill you receive, and see what you have when the year is over.