7 Unique Ways to Save Money

Saving is one of the most challenging aspects of “adulting.” While most people want to save, only a few accomplish it. But for those who do, the results of saving up life-changing. Look at saving money through a unique lens. Replace the “money” reference with “freedom”. The more money you save, the more freedom you have in your future life.

Here are top 7 unique ways to save money and achieve financial freedom that work:

1. Unique Way to Save Money – Divvy Up Your Paycheck

Adjust your thinking about your paycheck. It’s your path to freedom. Divide your paycheck between your checking, savings, investment and 401(k) accounts. Spend what’s in your checking. Savings account is for emergencies. Investment account is for mid-term goals and investing in the financial markets. You 401(k) is for retirement.

2. Unique Way to Save Money – Shop on Wednesdays Alone

Businesses take advantage of the high volume of customers during weekends, so discounts occur during the mid-week because foot traffic is not at its peak. This method also works for airfare. There is also a high probability of shopping alone during the mid-week because family members or friends usually get together on weekends. The bonus of shopping alone – you are less likely to give in to impulse buying as compared to when you’re with others.

3. Unique Way to Save Money – Be a Smart Buyer

When feeling the urge to buy something, count 30 days. If after that, if it’s still worth buying, go for it. This 30-day leeway protects people from giving in to the urge of purchasing something at first sight. Most likely, if it no longer appears purchase-worthy after 30 days, it is not that essential. If you can’t wait 30 days, try a week. If you can’t wait a week, try 24 hours.Also, delete the automatically typed credit card numbers in online accounts. Manually keying in the credit card number during every purchase takes a little bit more time and encourages you to reconsider the purchase before buying.

4. Unique Way to Save Money – At the Cash Register and Beyond

When paying at the counter, eyes on the cashier! Small items near check out, like mini chocolates, are meant to be the final temptation for consumers. They’re tempting and expensive. Avoid the urge to buy.
Once done purchasing, save up spare change. Randomly put those coins or small bills in bag pockets and transfer them to a jar, at home. Periodically deposit the coins into your savings account. Those forgotten quarters, add up to real money.

5. Unique Way to Save Money – Use Credit-Debit Cards

Use credit cards as pass-through mechanisms for purchases. Meaning, purchase using the credit card then pay the bill weekly or bi-weekly, instead of monthly. Use your credit card like a debit card. Purchase only when you have enough cash for the purchase. Then, you’ll accrue cash back on your credit card and won’t risk paying credit card interest.

6. Unique Way to Save Money – Take Care of Yourself

This is the most important unique way to save money – maintain a healthy lifestyle. By eating well, exercising and getting enough rest, you’ll cut down on sickness and the additional costs that come with it. Try an affordable fitness tracker and be aware of your steps. It makes fitting in exercise breaks really easy. I just got the Lintelek Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Watch and increased my walking by 25% per day since I started wearing it. Start walking close distances, stairs and bike as a cheaper alternative to driving.

7. Unique Way to Save Money – At Home

Try meatless Mondays and go for veggie meals. It’s amazing how much a veggie burger resembles a hamburger. For household appliances, choose energy-saving ones. They’re cheaper, protect the environment and your family. Be creative with leftovers and throw them into casseroles and soups. Drink water. It’s cheaper and healthier.

Use unique ways to save for financial freedom. It’s a matter of choosing the right alternatives for saving. Savings and financial freedom are defined by every choice you make. It’s difficult to start, but once you get in the saving habit, it gets easier. And before long, you’ll discover your own unique saving strategies.

This article was republished with permission from Baraba Friedberg Personal Finance.