Advantages and Opportunities of Active Management in an ETF Wrapper

In today’s equity market, selectivity is critical to uncover long-term investment opportunities and separate the winners from the losers. True active management, focused on conducting bottom-up, fundamental research, can help investors capitalize on market inefficiencies.

On the upcoming webcast Tuesday, Nov. 13, Advantages and Opportunities of Active Management in an ETF Wrapper, Dodd Kittsley, Director of ETF Strategy at Davis Advisors, and Rusty Vanneman, Chief Investment Officer for CLS Investments, will offer insights some investors might not be aware of when thinking about active management and discuss ways financial advisors can enhance portfolios in today’s market.

Investors may look to a time-tested active approach to potentially enhance returns. For example, the actively managed Davis Select International ETF (NasdaqGM: DINT) and the Davis Select Worldwide ETF (NasdaqGM: DWLD) are backed by Davis Advisors’ focuses on long-term opportunities and incorporate the money manager’s judgement experience, high conviction, low turnover, accountability and alignment. The Davis team screens for fundamental characteristics, including cash flows assets and liabilities, and other criteria.

The Davis Select International ETF seeks to generate long-term growth of capital by investing in common stocks issued by foreign developed and emerging market companies, whereas DWLD covers world markets, including the U.S. The two funds are managed by veteran portfolio manager Danton Goei, whom joined Davis Advisors in 1998.