Adasina Social Capital Launches Social Justice ETF, 'JSTC' | ETF Trends

Adasina Social Capital, an investment and financial activism firm that serves as a critical bridge between financial markets and social justice movements, announced the Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETF (JSTC) launch this Thursday. The ETF is now available and can be accessed directly through Adasina Social Capital and most investment platforms.

The ETF includes global companies whose business practices are aligned with Adasina Social Justice Investment Criteria and excludes companies whose practices impede equitable systems advancement. The investment criteria is a data-driven set of investment standards determined by working closely with social justice movements to identify the issues most directly affecting their communities – with a particular focus on racial, gender, economic, and climate justice.

JSTC tracks the Adasina Social Justice Index (JUSTICE), which is screened using both the Social Justice Investment Criteria and traditional ESG metrics. The index includes a global universe of public companies whose practices are in alignment with social justice values.

Getting Proper Justice

“People with social justice values have been extremely drawn to our investment approach,” said Rachel Robasciotti, co-founder and CEO of Adasina. “By sourcing our data straight from impacted communities, through close relationships with social justice leaders, we have the unprecedented ability to direct investor capital to the issues most critical to long-term change – this approach gives us a data advantage relative to other solutions. We created the Adasina ETF to allow every investor to invest in line with social justice values, in almost any account, while still maintaining their relationship with their financial advisor .”

As a Black and women-owned investment firm, Adasina’s experienced investment team reflects the communities most impacted by existing inequitable systems. The Adasina ETF is one part of a comprehensive investment strategy that aims to mobilize investors through campaigns and education, creating incentives for companies and governments to change their harmful practices and make positive, systemic change for people and the planet.

“We’re proud of the opportunity we’ve created to address intersectional justice with the Adasina ETF,” said Maya Philipson, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of Adasina. “Most existing ESG funds use passive screens that are limited in their approach – they address only one, singular issue area. Our investment approach acknowledges that many areas of injustice disproportionately affect communities already suffering from other systemic problems, and our Index was created specifically to address this intersectionality.”

The Adasina Social Justice All Cap Global ETF was developed in partnership with Tidal ETF Services. It is a highly diversified, global, all-cap fund composed of common and preferred stocks of domestic and foreign issuers, including those in emerging markets. Index constituents include large-, mid-, and small-capitalization companies.

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