Actively Managed ETFs Can Identify Powerful Trends

ETFs are known for their transparent nature, allowing investors to closely track the ins-and-outs of the underlying strategies, which some may think would be a detriment to an increasing number of active managers stepping into the space.

ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon spoke with Dodd Kittsley, Director of Davis Advisors, at the 2017 Morningstar ETF Conference in Chicago September 6-8 to talk about fully transparent, actively managed ETFs.

“We feel like we’re meeting an unmet need in the market place for delivering true, time-tested, proven  active management in a traditional ETF structure,” Kittsley said. “Allowing advisors to put their clients in a position to outperform and to be able to access some of the best ideas across the globe in a single portfolio.”

With U.S. equities extending their bull run and market valuations appearing elevated, more investors are turning to foreign markets to find cheaper areas of opportunity.