Active ETFs the Focus of Virtual Summit

Tomorrow, SS&C ALPs will be hosting a virtual summit on active ETFs. The event begins at 11 a.m. ET. “When considering active ETFs, advisors want to conduct due diligence,” said VettaFi Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth. “At our virtual summit, they will have a chance to hear from fund managers about positioning for the second half. I can’t wait.”

Active ETFs on the Agenda

The summit will kick off with a panel on the rise of active ETFs. This panel will explore why this management style is on the rise in this dynamic market. The next session will focus on active fixed income. In today’s uncertain fixed income space, active ETFs offer flexibility along with the structural advantages of an ETF.

The Second Half of the Virtual Summit

The second half of the virtual summit will focus on two popular niche product types — munis and REITs. Municipal bonds have garnered a lot of attention with their tax-free yields, but how can investors approach them going forward? The market of 2024 remains complex, so investors seeking more information about muni opportunities can’t afford to miss this session.

REITs will close out the summit. REITs are a unique product. They offer income, diversification, and even inflation protection. However, index-based REIT funds tend to focus on large companies, ignoring fundamentals. An active approach to REITs can create compelling opportunities. Accordingly, the final session will give investors and advisors an edge when it comes to approaching the exciting world of REITs.

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