Matthews Asia Launches 3 Active ETFs Focused on Emerging Markets, Asia, and China

Matthews Asia launched three active exchange traded funds on the New York Stock Exchange today that focus on global emerging markets, Asia, and China.

The three active ETFs are:

The investment strategies of Matthews Asia’s new active ETFs will be similar to those of existing mutual funds and will be managed using the firm’s fundamental research approach, which seeks to identify compelling investment opportunities that are expected to be able to generate above-index returns.

“Matthews Asia is a preeminent manager focused on Asian equity markets with a rich history of adding value through fundamental analysis,” said Todd Rosenbluth, head of research at VettaFi. “Their entrance into the ETF market is further confirmation that asset managers are seeking to support ETF-embracing advisors with their best ideas.”

The launch of these funds comes on the heels of the firm hiring Michael Barrer as vice president and head of ETF capital markets. Barrer serves as the primary relationship manager for all capital markets relationships and partners with the firm’s portfolio management, portfolio strategy, operations, and distribution teams to support the firm’s ETF initiatives.

Cooper Abbott, CEO of Matthews Asia, said in a news release: “The launch of our new active ETFs represents an exciting new chapter in our company’s history and a great opportunity for Matthews Asia to bring its deep expertise in the emerging markets to a growing number of investors who now view these global, regional, and country-specific strategies as long-term, strategic, allocations.”

Added Abbott: “At Matthews Asia, we have a history of offering new strategies when we believe there are attractive long-term opportunities for our clients. Our new active ETFs continue that tradition by providing another way for investors to access our deep expertise backed by over 30 years of active investment experience that we believe can provide investors with superior long-term investment returns.”

Robert Horrocks, CIO of Matthews Asia, also said in the release: “We continue to believe in the long-term benefits of actively managed portfolios, particularly when they are focused on less efficient markets in Asia and China. Our active ETFs will use the same established fundamental approach as our mutual funds to identify companies that we think represent the most attractive long-term opportunities within global emerging markets.”

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