A Practitioner’s Guide to Quantitative Investing During Uncertain Times

It’s no secret – 2020 has been a rollercoaster of emotions, both in the market and out of it. Forward-thinking financial advisors have adopted quantitative investment strategies to combat emotional pitfalls of asset allocation.

In the upcoming webcast, A Practitioner’s Guide to Quantitative Investing During Uncertain Times, Chris Shuba, Founder, Helios Quantitative Research; Joe Mallen, Chief Investment Officer, Helios Quantitative Research; and Andy Meyer, Partner and Senior Wealth Advisor, Vantage Financial, will dissect the market’s behavior and provide a practical framework for moving forward into 2021. They will also be interviewing a special guest financial advisor who has implemented their strategies and incorporated their materials into his firm’s client service model, to give attendees a real world example of how to maneuver through uncertain times with confidence.

Helios provides a so-called model ecosystem that is divided into three segments, including dynamic risk, Helios growth, and research.

“The primary goal of each model is to maximize compound efficiency. To accomplish this, we develop quantitative strategies that focus on both sides of the risk equation – delivering substantial loss mitigation capabilities without sacrificing the upside opportunity of equity markets. The results can be stunning,” according to Helios.

Dynamic risk model portfolios are a blend of strategic and tactical premises, focused on market volatility as the primary calculation attribute. The strategies are positioned based on a rules-based algorithm focused on the level of implied volatility.

The Helios Growth portfolios are strategic, binary econocentric algorithms that focuses on the evolution of economic environments.

Lastly, the provider offers researched tactical or holdings-based algorithms that focus on driving specific outcomes, such as attractive risk-adjusted income.

“Our core services provide all the components you need to offer state-of-the-art investment management solutions, communicate clearly with clients and prospective clients, and institute time-saving processes that allow your firm to operate more efficiently,” according to Helios.

Financial advisors who are interested in learning more about quantitative investing can register for the Monday, November 9 webcast here.