A New Bullish ETF Play on Large Eurozone Blue Chips

The STOXX blue-chip index represents a family of 50 largest companies among the 19 supersectors in terms of free-float market capitalization across 11 Eurozone countries, including Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The benchmark index captures about 60% of the total EURO STOXX TMI Supersector Index.

Sector weights include financials 23.4%, industrials 14.4%, consumer discretionary 11.2%, consumer staples 10.8%, health care 10.3%, information technology 7.1%, materials 6.1%, energy 5.9%, utilities 5.0%, telecom services 5.0% and real estate 0.9%.

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Top holdings including Total SA 4.5%, Siemens Ag 4.4%, Sanofi 4.1%, Banco Santander 3.9% and Bayer Ag 3.9%.

While these types of leveraged ETFs may help traders capitalize on short-term moves, investors should be aware of the risks and potential divergence between these geared products and their underlying assets over the long haul and during periods of heightened volatility.

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