A Big REIT Could Make Some Big Changes

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VNQ currently holds 157 REITs and its top 10 holdings combine for nearly 34% of the ETF’s weight. Retail and specialized REITs combine for over 36% of VNQ’s roster while residential and healthcare REITs combine for nearly 31%.

“Vanguard is also proposing to reclassify the REIT Index Fund from ‘diversified’ to ‘nondiversified’ as defined by securities laws,” according to Vanguard’s statement. “The change will enable the fund to better replicate its target benchmark by holding securities in their appropriate weight. Many of Vanguard’s other equity sector funds are currently classified as nondiversified.”

VNQ is popular with income investors due in part to its low fee. The ETF charges 0.12% per year, or $12 on a $10,000 investment, making it less expensive than 90% of rival funds.

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