Trends with Benefits #54—REVISITED: Advisor Trends with Tom Lydon and Dave Nadig

By Ed Lopez, Head of ETF Product

As more Americans become vaccinated, social distancing restrictions around the country are loosening. Some states are allowing for 100% occupancy in restaurants, mask mandates are easing for those who are vaccinated and some major companies in corporate America are opening up their doors to welcome back their employees whom they have not seen in over a year. The idea of a hybrid work model has been a hot topic in 2021. Now that reopening is a realistic possibility, is this type of hybrid model gaining or losing momentum and what could this mean for advisors? In the re-opening spirit, we decided to revisit a previous episode we recorded this year with Tom Lydon and David Nadig of ETF Trends, discussing the digital shift in the advisory business.

What Advisors Want

Tom and Dave are two stalwarts of the ETF industry providing education and analysis of ETFs. This dynamic duo have recently joined forces to be guiding lights for investors and advisors navigating the sea of the ETF ecosystem. So, I wanted to talk about backgrounds, their love of ETFs and how they came to work together. Given the nature of their work and interaction with advisors they also had a lot of insight about the way advisors are adapting to a new digital age that’s been hastened by COVID and the investment trends advisors are seeking.

Of course, I also had to ask Tom and Dave about ETFs as well. We ventured into the rise of active ETFs, areas they think people should be paying more attention to and I ask them for advice about the ticker symbol of one of VanEck’s ETFs.

Trend or Fad

Listen for Tom and Dave’s take on Finance Tik Tok, the term “Disruption”, retail investors and sports betting.

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Originally published by VanEck, 5/25/21