2019 ETF Virtual Summit Is Now Live | ETF Trends

The annual ETF Virtual Summit, a one-day online conference that’s complimentary for financial advisors to attend, is now live through 2 pm Eastern today.

Click here to register now and attend: https://www.etftrends.com/virtual-summit.

Today’s April 17, 2019 ETF Virtual Summit will be available for viewing on-demand for three months.

At this year’s annual 2019 ETF Virtual Summit, backed by marquee sponsor Victory Capital Management, there will be four cutting edge virtual panels that will address some of the biggest trends and opportunities in the markets today. Leading ETF industry experts and thought leaders will serve as panelists to offer their expert opinion and analysis on the biggest challenges and opportunities for 2019, the best strategies for today’s economy and market, and out of the box investing ideas for diversification.

On the Fixed Income Strategies for a Changing Debt World panel, Jordan Farris, Managing Director, Head of ETF Product Development, Nuveen; John Ecklund, Managing Director, Global Fixed Income, Currency & Commodities Group, J.P. Morgan Asset Management; and Tim Urbanowicz, Senior Fixed Income ETF Strategist, Invesco, will touch upon advantages of global income diversification, how indexing and fixed income work together in today’s portfolios, assessing the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and Central banks around the world, and how to position fixed income strategies in an investment portfolio while controlling risk.

On the Smart Beta and Factor Strategies for a Late Stage Market Cycle panel, Mannik Dhillon, President, VictoryShares and Solutions, Victory Capital; Sharon French, Head of Beta Solutions, OppenheimerFunds; and Alex Piré, Head of Client Portfolio Management, Seeyond, will discuss why advisors are shifting from pure beta to smart beta, why factor weightings are critical today, multifactor ETFs, advantages of running on autopilot, and how to position smart beta strategies in an investment portfolio.

On the Inside the Disruptive Technology Revolution panel, Paul Dellaquila, Managing Director, Global Head of ETFs, Defiance ETFs; Matthew Weglarz, Director and Portfolio Manager, Tortoise; Catherine Wood, Chief Investment Officer and CEO, ARK Invest, will go over why advisors are increasing allocation to alternatives now, the best ETF tools and strategies to diversify away from the S&P 500, new opportunities to maximize returns with minimum volatility, and how to position new thematic strategies in an investment portfolio.

Lastly, on the Out of the Box; Alternative and Thematic Tools to Better Diversify Client Portfolios panel, Sylvia Jablonski, Capital Markets-Institutional Strategist, Managing Director, Direxion; Meb Faber, Chief Executive officer and Chief Investment Officer, Cambria Investment Management; and Bill DeRoche, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, AGFiQ, will lead a discussion on identifying the biggest disruptive opportunities in the market today, the current and future outlook of the tech landscape, innovative themes that could propel growth ahead, and how to position disruptive strategies in an investment portfolio.

Have you signed up for the ETF Trends Virtual Summit on Wednesday, April 17? It’s complimentary for financial advisors (earn up to 4 CE Credits)!