2018 ETF Trends Virtual Summit Returns March 14 | ETF Trends

Bringing together thousands in a renowned, cutting edge virtual setting, the ETF Trends Virtual Summit will help financial advisors address pressing ETF issues and investing strategies without the tedious task of long travel plans associated with an in-person conference.

On March 14, 2018, ETF Trends will be hosting its annual Virtual Summit, an online virtual conference environment where financial advisors can learn about current ETF issues, hear from industry experts and connect with peers without the burden of cost and traveling.

Financial advisors may attend panels on a number of ETF-related panels, such as Alternative Income Ideas for Today’s Modern Portfolios. As advisors rethink how they plan to adapt to the changing conditions after a three-decade bull run in the fixed-income space, industry experts will review the fixed-income market and provide insights into potential alternative income-generating strategies to diversify yields for the environment ahead.

Investors and advisors are turning to a rising group of alternative index-based ETFs that implement factor screens to enhance returns and diminish risk associated with traditional market cap-weighted funds. As more grow acquainted with the various smart beta strategies, investors have become more discerning, comparing various factor options when selecting the right smart beta fit. The Smart Beta Ecosystem: What You Need to Know panel will dive into the customized indices that make up the new breed of factor-based ETFs and delve deeper into the various factors that can help improve portfolio construction.

With a greater focus on how investment fees can cut into an investor’s overall return, how have advisors responded to the shifting sentiment? On the Building a Better, Stronger Core panel, money managers and fund experts will share their insights into the changing perspective on costs and alpha generation.