2018 Disruptive ETF Virtual Summmit Live Update: Robotics, AI Costs Lessening with Time

The 2018 Disruptive ETF Virtual Summit went live at 10:00 a.m. ET Thursday with an esteemed panel of experts discussing robotics, AI & Automation. Representing the panel is Jeremie Capron, Director of Research, ROBO Global; Catherine Wood, Chief Investment Officer & CEO, ARK Invest; and Sue Thompson, Head of SPDR Americas Distribution, State Street Global Advisors.

After a peek into the world of robotics, AI and automation, the experts delved deeper into the industry. For example, Wood broke down the costs necessary for industries to implement this rising technology in the chart below:

Virtual Summmit Live Update - Robotics, AI Costs Lessening with Time 1

The cost to incorporate robots in the industrial industry has declined over the years, allowing for a better cost-benefit efficiency. As the industry continues to gain more traction and implementation in various industries, the rate of change will be astounding.

“The pace of change is unprecedented,” said Capron. “Exponential progress is hard to comprehend as humans.”

To gain more insight, don’t hesitate and tune in live now.