Last year, Greece registered a primary budget surplus of €7.4 billion in the year ended November, or nearly €4 billion over its target due to lower spending and higher revenues. The IMF has pressured Europe to cut Greece’s budget target to a primary surplus of 1.5% of gross domestic product instead of its current goal of 3.5%.

However, some market observers have doubts regarding the country’s ability to ever repay its debts.

“Greece still has roughly €300 billion in debt, and its economy has slipped back into recession, but this agreement could give the International Monetary Fund the ability to persuade euro-zone creditors to provide added debt relief for Greece. With more debt relief, the IMF could offer more financial help,” according to Barron’s.

GREK, which debuted in December 2011, has $328.4 million in assets under management. The ETF holds 32 stocks, over half of which are financial services or energy names.

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