“This morning’s job numbers place another speed bump in front of the equity rally,” Chris Gaffney, president of world markets at EverBank, told Reuters. “These payroll numbers and the missile strike in Syria will give investors cause for concern.”

However, U.S. equities rebounded after traders began to digest the news, with some now arguing that the Syrian strike could revive Trump’s economic agenda as the military action has united both sides of Congress behind the president.

“Trump just won some badly-needed political capital,” analyst Greg Valliere of Horizon Investments wrote in a note to clients after the strike, according to Yahoo! Finance. “He finally has some bipartisan support, and if he can capitalize on it there could be a re-set for his entire presidency.”

Moreover, the strong action gives a signal to world leaders, especially China, as the U.S. president talks with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping in negotiations, notably talks over how to handle North Korea.

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