Waiting on Catalysts for Silver ETFs

“So, when the Dow Jones Index and the broader stock markets finally crack, we are going to finally see hedge funds and institutional investors rotate out of the majority of highly inflated stocks and into the precious metals and mining sector. This will have a profound impact on the price of gold and silver as well as their mining companies’ share prices,” according to a Seeking Alpha analysis on silver prices.

Inflows to silver ETFs have been mixed to start the year, indicating that some investors may be concerned about the impact of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates on silver and other commodities.

Silver and other precious metals enjoyed safe-haven demand as the equities market plunged into a correction. The Federal Reserve is targeting three interest rate hikes this year, which could white on precious metals, but some market observers believe there is upside to be had with the white metal. The Fed meets this week with some bond market participants believing a rate hike is almost a sure thing.

“In the future when demand for physical silver overwhelms supply, investors will move into the next best thing… the primary silver mining shares. Because there are so few primary silver miners, any significant amount of funds moving into this sector could reach insane levels never imagined today,” according to Seeking Alpha.

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