“Two of three Russell 1000 Focused Factor indexes outperformed the benchmark Russell 1000 index in January,” Tom Goodwin, senior index research director at FTSE Russell, said, referring to the momentum and yield factors. “This follows strong 2016 performance in which all three outperformed the market-cap weighted benchmark. These results highlight the potential benefits of a multi-factor smart beta index that combines multiple factors together in helping to deliver a specific objective to investors.”

Along with screening for large-cap U.S. stocks taken from the Russell 1000 for high value, high quality and low size characteristics, the underlying indices of the various factor-based SPDR ETFs also screen for their respective target strategies, with ONEV focusing on the low-volatility factor, ONEO on high momentum and ONEY on high yield.

Moreover, ETF investors may also combine all these factors together to help smooth out the ride as the various factors may perform differently in various market environments. The Deutsche X-trackers Russell 1000 Comprehensive Factor ETF (NYSEArca: DEUS) tracks large-cap stocks based on the five factors of quality, value, momentum, low volatility and size.

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