Build an ETF Portfolio Like a Fantasy Football Team

The multi-year bull market run can’t go on forever as valuations continue to push higher. Consequently, more are thinking about actively managed exchange traded funds as a bet that managers are better equipped in the current market environment.

ETF Trends publisher Tom Lydon spoke with Noah Hamman, Chief Executive Officer of AdvisorShares, at the Inside ETFs conference that ran Jan. 22-25, 2017 to talk about the growing trend in the actively managed ETF space.

“Alternative strategies are coming into play as well,” Hamman said. “Long/short are starting to, maybe depending on what this year might look like in 2017, find a place in portfolios.”

At AdvisorShares, the ETF provider partners with a variety of managers to provide a number of different actively managed strategies in a cost-efficient ETF investment wrapper.

“We can bring on experts in a particular area or strategy, offer them up in an exchange traded fund, so it is easy for advisors to use them,” Hamman said. “They can allocate to them when they want to. They can not allocate to them when they want to, giving the equivalent of almost building a fantasy football team but using exchange traded funds for your portfolio.”