A Differentiated ETF Approach to Managing Global Equities

By Accuvest Global Advisors

Demand for ETFs has never been higher. Accuvest offers a differentiated approach to managing Global Equities. Country selection matters. The ETFs you choose matter.

A Strong Core is Vital

With roughly seven billion people on the planet, global strategies offer access to the world’s most important companies. The average U.S. investor portfolio is chronically overweight domestic stocks at a time when International offers more opportunity. Global strategies offer a strong core allocation to both domestic and international stocks which adds diversification.

ETFs Matter

High net worth and institutional investors are demanding ETFs in a portfolio. ETFs generally offer attractive tax efficiency with lower fees. ETFs offer the country exposure needed for a true global mandate.

Research Matters

There are thousands of ETFs to choose from, we research and track those that matter. We take responsibility for portfolio tilts: hedged, unhedged, equal- weight, cap-weighted, smart beta, value, growth. Our focus: strong growth, positive momentum, lower risk, cheaper valuations.