DUSA includes high-conviction U.S. large-cap stocks. The portfolio will hold between 15 and 35 companies varying over time, with 21 components currently in the portfolio. Top holdings include Berkshire Hathaway 9.6%, Amazon 7.5% and Alphabet 7.3%. The portfolio leans towards financials at 38.7%, followed by industrials 14.8% and energy 13.4%.

DFNL includes the best-of-breed financial companies. The portfolio will include between 15 and 35 companies, it currently holds 25 positions. Top holdings include Markel Corp 6.7%, American Express 6.0% and Loews 5.8%, with a focus on diversified financials, insurers and banks.

Lastly, DWLD includes global exposure. The ETF currently has 41 positions, including top picks like Alphabet 6.5%, Encana 5.5% and Amazon 4.9%. The portfolio includes a large 57.1% position in U.S. companies, along with a significant 30.3% emerging markets and 12.5% developed countries.

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