Janus Rolls Out a Global Quality Dividend ETF

“We are committed to helping clients build portfolios which have the potential to outperform or reduce risk relative to market cap weighted alternatives, and when it comes to the search for yield, finding quality income should be a key component,” Nick Cherney, Senior Vice President and Head of Exchange Traded Products for Janus Capital Group, said in a press release. “The SGI Global Quality Income Index has been the underlying index for an ETF in Europe for more than three years, and we’re pleased to bring this strategy to the U.S. market.”

Sector weights include a hefty 28.7% utilities, along with 20.8% telecom services, 11.5% consumer discretionary, 10.4% consumer staples, 8.2% materials, 7.6% health care, 7.4% industrials, 2.8% information technology and 2.7% energy.

Top holdings include Agrium 3.1%, Tatts Group 3.0%, Six Flags Entertainment 3.0%, DUET Group 3.0% and AGL Energy 2.9%.

Country exposures include U.S. 27.2%, Australia 23.7%, Canada 13.6%, U.K. 6.9%, New Zealand 5.4%, Spain 5.0%, Switzerland 4.9%, France 2.8%, Japan 2.8%, Norway 2.7%, Hong Kong 2.6% and Finland 2.4%.

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