Fixed-Income ETF Strategies for 2017

After a three-decade long rally, traditional market capitalization-weight bond funds expose many to increased risks, especially in the upcoming rising rate environment.

Alternatively, bond investors can look to actively managed exchange traded funds that can potentially maximize the return potential and minimize risks along the way.

On the upcoming webcast, PIMCO’s Fixed Income Strategy for 2017, Jerome Schneider, Head of Short-Term Portfolio Management at PIMCO, will explain the potential risks traditional bond index fund investors face in a rising rate environment and look to alternative strategies that could better navigate the changing winds.

For instance, fixed-income investor can protect against the potential upcoming rate-induced volatility through short duration actively managed bond funds, such as the PIMCO Low Duration Active ETF, (NYSEArca: LDUR) and the PIMCO Enhanced Short Maturity Active ETF (NYSEArca: MINT).

LDUR has a short 2.02 year duration, so a 1% rise in interest rates would only translate to about a minimal 2.02% decline in the fund’s price, and it shows a 1.95% 30-day SEC yield. The ETF largely includes investment-grade debt, but potential investors should be aware that the active ETF includes a hefty 54.4% tilt toward investment-grade corporate debt, followed by 21.4% U.S. government debt, 4.5% mortgage and 4.6% high yield credit.