A Targeted Tech ETF Centered Around Wearable Devices

Turn-key exchange traded fund provider Exchange Traded Concepts helped Eve Capital launch the first ETF that targets the growing industry catered toward wearable technologies.

On Friday, Eve Capital with ETC services rolled out the Wear ETF (BATS: WEAR). WEAR comes with a 0.85% expense ratio.

“The wearable industry is very exciting and changing rapidly,” J. Garrett Stevens, CEO of Exchange Traded Concepts, said in a statement. “The WEAR ETF allows investors to participate in the breakthrough technologies and sales channels that we believe will continue to drive growth in this market.”

The Wear ETF tries to reflect the performance of the EQM Wearables Index, which is designed to follow companies that have a current or future business focus on wearable technology devices.

Specifically, underlying components are involved in the sale of technology devices that can be worn on the body that are sued for sports, wellness, industrial, military, lifestyle, infotainment, or healthcare, along with the manufacture of components used in wearable devices.

“Wearable devices are changing the way people work and play. They are becoming more and more a part of our daily lives,” Bryce Tillery, Chief Executive Officer of Eve Capital, said in a press release. “We think this trend will continue far into the future as devices become smaller and faster and new technologies enable more uses for wearable devices.”