Will Trump Make Biotech ETFs Great Again

Biotechnology exchange traded funds have rebounded after the presidential election and could find further strength under a Donald Trump administration.

On the upcoming webcast, Will Trump Make Biotechnology Great Again?, Andrew McDonald, CEO of LifeSci Advisors and Co-Portfolio Manager of the BioShares funds, and Paul Yook, Founder of LifeSci Index Partners, and Co-Portfolio Manager of the BioShares funds, will try to outline biotechnology’s life under President-elect Trump and look to potential opportunities in cutting-edge drug producers.

For instance, the BioShares Biotechnology Clinical Trials Fund (NasdaqGM: BBC) tracks potential up-and-coming biotechnology companies that are in the clinical trials stage, providing investors with the opportunity to gain exposure to a high-growth segment of the global economy.

BBC specifically targets companies that design specialized drugs that range from antivirals, antibiotics and cancer-fighting medicines to gene therapies, cell-based therapies and enzyme replacement therapies are developed in the biotech sector.