“Investors often take on too much currency risk when they invest overseas. For those who do not want to make the timing decision themselves, DHDG will help dynamically adjust currency-hedge ratios based on a data-driven, transparent process. Adopting a dynamic approach with WisdomTree moves investors away from subjective calls and into a disciplined, factor-based approach to currency hedging. We believe our factors – carry, value and momentum – have potential to outperform both hedged and unhedged strategies over time by rotating currency hedges with their cycles,” Jeremy Schwartz, WisdomTree Director of Research, said in a press release.

Top holdings include Unilever 5.8%, British American Tobacco 5.3%, Roche Holding 5.3%, Roche Holding 5.3%, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton 3.0% and Reckitt Benckiser Group 3.0%.

Sector weights include consumer discretionary 20.4%, industrials 19.6%, consumer staples 17.8%, health care 17.5%, information technology 8.7%, financials 4.8%, real estate 4.4%, materials 3.6% and utilities 2.5%.

Country weights include U.K. 18.9%, Switzerland 12.1%, Netherlands 11.0%, Japan 10.4%, France 6.7%, Germany 6.1%, Sweden 5.7%, Spain 5.6%, Australia 5.5%, Hong Kong 5.4%, Denmark 3.8%, Finland 2.4%, Italy 1.4%, Norway 1.4%, Singapore 1.4%, Portugal 0.6%, Belgium 0.6%, New Zealand 0.3%, Ireland 0.3%, China 0.2% and Austria 0.1%.

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