Investment in gold jumped to 448 metric tons in the second quarter, or more than double the figure of the same period year-over-year, largely due to a year-over-year increase in ETF investment to 236.8 metric tons, compared to a 23 metric ton outflow the year prior.

“But gold prices are likely to climb even if opponent Clinton wins the presidency, said Milling-Stanley,” reports Myra Saefong for MarketWatch. “Gold probably wouldn’t see quite as dramatic a rise in the event of a Clinton win, compared with Trump, but Clinton as president is expected to have inflationary implications, which would imply higher gold prices as well, he said. Gold is often used as a hedge against inflation.”

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“Some say a Trump win would be a deeply negative event for equities. After all, stocks dislike uncertainty, and a Trump victory would leave much in the air about economically important issues such as trade policy and monetary policy,” according to CNBC.

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