“SRET weights its 30 constituents differently from its segment peers in two distinct ways: dividend selection and equal weighting. The fund selects 30 REITs from all over the world (but mostly the U.S.) on the basis of the highest dividend yield. SRET also weights the 30 REITs it selects equally, making it the only fund of its type not to weight its holdings by market cap. As a result, SRET has a distinct small-cap bias,” according to a Seeking Alpha analysis of SRET.

When S&P Dow Jones Indices and MSCI announced they would create an independent real estate sector, J.P. Morgan projected that active equity funds were so underweight toward REITs that the new sector could cause $100 billion flows to the category. Since the newly minted sector would rival in size to utilities, telecoms and materials sectors, a number of fund managers who have not included REITs exposure may eventually bulk up on real estate.

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“SRET also makes distributions on a monthly basis, providing a regular source of income for a portfolio. In terms of assets under management, SRET is small – only $32 million. So there is a chance that it may not survive an eventual culling of low-asset ETFs,” adds Seeking Alpha.

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