Why It’s Time to Stop Reading About Robo Advisors

By Patty Quinn McAuley, CFP

It’s always a good idea to evaluate your industry’s competitive landscape. You’ll probably learn a lot in the process and might gain a competitive advantage over your peers.

However, rather than just reading about the robos from third party sources, it’s important to do some first-hand research for yourself to truly understand the value proposition of online automated financial advice platforms.

Below is a list of automated financial advice platforms to visit that provide a good snapshot of the players in the space and might also provide some helpful tips for online marketing for your practice.

Robo Sites to Visit:

SigFigBettermentLearnVestWealthfrontPersonal Capital

As you visit these sites, take note of the following characteristics that the robos share:

Visuals: The sites have a clean design and limit the number of links so that they can guide the visitor to take action by either learning more or signing up.

Language: The web sites use positive language delivered in a results-oriented fashion. They seek to help visitors feel smart and in control of their finances, and you don’t need a degree in finance to understand what they are saying.