Pershing Offers Advisors a Customized Robo Capability

Watch out Wealthfront and Betterment, investment advisors now have the ability to “go robo” in their own individual way. Pershing has created a suite of technology enhancements to help wealth management firms digitally transform their businesses with customized robo advisory options.

I attended Pershing’s annual INSITE 2016 conference in Orlando this week where they announced additions that will allow advisors to develop and execute their own digital strategies.

“As emerging technologies and companies continue to change the way financial advice is delivered, advisors are embracing the change and are turning to us for help executing a digital strategy. Our clients are asking for us to help facilitate two different approaches to digitizing their business—some clients have told us they want to create their own unique technology experiences, while others tell us that they want solutions already integrated with Pershing’s platform,” Ram Nagappan, chief information officer at Pershing, said in a press release. “By taking an open-architecture approach, we’ve put our clients in the driver’s seat to choose and co-create a digital wealth management experience that best meets their advisors’ and their investor clients’ needs.”

Through the API store or select tools from third-party vendors and FinTech companies integrated with NetX360, Pershing clients will have the ability to build their own digital wealth management system.