Unique ETF Strategist Disciplines to Tackle Fixed Income

While the Federal Reserve has pushed off interest rate hikes, exchange traded fund investors should begin thinking about ways to position their fixed-income portfolios to navigate more turbulent conditions.

On the upcoming webcast, Dynamic Fixed Income Strategies for 2016, David Mazza, Managing Director and Head of ETF & Mutual Fund Research at State Street Global Advisors, Tim Anderson, Chief Fixed Income Officer of the RiverFront Investment Group, and K. Sean Clark, Chief Investment Officer of Clark Capital Management Group, will help outline some ETF strategists’ positioning ahead of a shifting fixed-income environment and potential opportunities in specific segments of the market.

Most financial advisor and investor fixed-income portfolios are based on the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index. However, the benchmark leaves most investors heavy on U.S. Treasury bond exposure. Moreover, investors may be missing out opportunities in municipal bonds and Treasury inflation protected securities as the Aggregate Bond Index does not include either categories.

Municipal bonds have been among the better performing fixed-income assets over recent years as investors jumped on the debt securities’ favorable tax treatment. TIPS have recently gained momentum as traders try to position ahead of rising inflation.

The ETF Strategists will help clarify what it means to invest in fixed-income assets during a rising rate environment, dispelling any misconceptions that have left financial advisors hesitant to deploy capital. Investors who are interested in hearing more about ETF Strategists recommendations may also visit the ETF Strategist Channel on ETF Trends.