So how do you do it? Over the past two decades, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best and brightest advisory practices in the country and they all have things in common. The most obvious is a process. The best and brightest typically have set processes and routines that directly support their growth and goals. These processes are non-negotiable and followed precisely by all members on the team regardless of market conditions.

Every task is time blocked and ensures that work activities are scheduled and executed. I know that this sounds like it can be rigid and boring, but without process even the most talented and high potential individuals can get derailed. You as an individual may not embrace something as rigid or organized and you may not be part of a huge team. However, sometimes even the smallest change or implementation of a single simple process can pay huge dividends and its great place to start.

I use Legos. That’s right, those little interlocking blocks that fueled the imaginations of generations. Here is how it works for me: I don’t time block well and my business is in a very high growth phase. When the phone rings I answer it. I need some way to ensure I maximize the amount of time I am spending proactively getting our story told. At all times a stack of a dozen 2X2 Lego blocks sits on my desk. Each block represents an activity that directly impacts the growth of my business. In my case, it’s an appointment set, a conversation regarding new business, or some activity that promotes greater public awareness of my company and our value proposition.

Each day I disassemble the architectural masterpiece I built the day before and start over. When I complete one of the activities that qualifies, I add a brick. It’s simple but very easy to see at a glance how productive I have been, when I need to step it up and when I am having a great day. The three dimensional aspect of building in imaginative ways has helped to keep me on track, reach goals and is an amazing allegory to building the business of my dreams. It’s fulfilling to see each day what I built knowing what I built was my business.

What will you build today?

Jonathan Bernstein, CIMA, is Principal/Director of Sales and Marketing at Stringer Asset Management, a participant in the ETF Strategist Channel.



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