Sector ETFs for a Weaker Dollar Outlook


XLI and VIS both include a similar mix of industrial names. VIS, though, is slightly more diversified, or at least has a smaller tilt toward sub-sectors that XLI may lean more toward, including aerospace & defense, industrial conglomerates and machinery. VIS also comes with a slightly cheaper 0.12% expense ratio, compared to XLI’s 0.14% expense ratio. However, the Vanguard option has a lower trading volume than the more widely observed XLI.

FIDU, a relatively newer entrant to the sector-specific ETF space, also comes with a cheap 0.12% expensive. FIDU also tracks a similar group of industrial companies, but since the fund is the latest entrat the the space, it is less actively traded.

The industrial ETFs include many internationally recognized names, such as General Electric (NYSE: GE), 3M Co. (NYSE: MMM), Honeywell International (NYSE: HON), Boeing Co. (NYSE: BA) and United Technologies (NYSE: UTC).

Industrial Select Sector SPDR