New WisdomTree ETFs On EM, Int'l Dividend Growth

WisdomTree announced that they are launching two new ETFs on the BATS Exchange: WisdomTree Emerging Markets Dividend Fund (BATS: DVEM) and the WisdomTree International Quality Dividend Growth Fund (BATS: IQDG).

DVEM seeks to provide exposure to dividend-paying stocks in the emerging markets and has an expense ratio of 0.32%. IQDG is designed to provide exposure to developed international dividend-paying stocks with growth characteristics and has an expense ratio of 0.38%.

Jeremy Schwartz, WisdomTree Director of Research, said dividends offer numerous benefits including the potential to enhance performance, increase portfolio income and help reduce downside risk.

“The power of weighting equity markets by the dividends companies pay rather than by their market value can be seen in the live performance track record of our existing WisdomTree Emerging Markets Dividend Index, relative to the broad market benchmark, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index,” Schwartz said in a press release.

DVEM tracks a WisdomTree dividend-weighted index with nearly nine years of live performance data, broad exposure and a relative value rebalance.