ETF TMI: BlackRock's Global Impact ETF; New Online Retail ETF

IBUY seeks to replicate the price and yield performance of the EQM Online Retail Index (IBUYXT). The rules-based index is comprised of a diverse group of companies that generate at least 70 percent of their revenue from online and virtual retail sales.

Current index constituents offer exposure to various market capitalizations, countries and industries. The Index has a maximum of 25 percent exposure to non-U.S. stocks and uses a modified equal weighting methodology.


The Big Picture for USD, JPY, Silver Prices Next Week

Markets are taking a breather at what’s clearly an important psychological pit stop along the continuum of central bank easing, according to DailyFX.

DailyFX currency analyst Christopher Vecchio said several financial instruments that they cover, including the JPY-crosses, the USDOLLAR Index, precious metals, and equity index CFDs, are all suggesting that they’ve arrived at a checkpoint to confirm that the next leg of central bank support is in the pipeline.

Vecchio added this, of course, is the big picture to keep an eye on over the next week.

“We’ll get a glimpse through this window next week when the Bank of Japan meets for their April 28 meeting,” he said. “Ahead of time, with Japanese equities rallying and the Yen falling broadly, it would appear that markets are looking for the BOJ to take the baton next (after the Fed backtracked on its normalization stance).”