International Stock ETFs v3.0 | ETF Trends

Luciano Siracusano, Chief Investment Strategist at WisdomTree Investments, joined Tom Lydon, ETF Trends Publisher, at the Inside ETFs conference to discuss the dynamic foreign exchange market and currency-hedging exchange traded fund strategies.

Siracusano points out that after unhedged and currency-hedged ETFs, we are now at versuib 3.0 or dynamic currency-hedged strategies.

WisdomTree offers the WisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged Europe Equity Fund (BATS: DDEZ), WisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged Japan Equity Fund (BATS: DDJP), WisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged International Equity Fund (BATS: DDWM) and WisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged International SmallCap Equity Fund (BATS: DDLS). The four Dynamic Currency Hedged Equity Funds will hedge currency fluctuations in the relative value of the foreign currency against the USD, ranging from 0% to 100% hedge based on interest rate differentials, valuations and relative price momentum of the foreign currencies compared to the USD.

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